Business Writing Tip: Use Plain Language for Clarity

Use everyday words rather than old fashioned / archaic words. You are writing to express your ideas, not to impress your reader. Be careful when using jargons. Instead of “Attached herewith please find …” – use “we have attached” or “we are attaching” (herewith is considered an archaic word!) “Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned” […]

Bagaimana nak menguasai Bahasa Inggeris?

Salam sejahtera. Bahasa Inggeris (BI) memainkan peranan yang penting dalam komunikasi seharian terutamanya bagi mereka yang bekerja di sektor swasta. Di negara kita, BI adalah bahasa kedua dan boleh dikatakan semua graduan universiti boleh berkomunikasi dengan baik dalam BI.  Malah, dalam suatu bancian baru baru ini, Malaysia dikatakan negara kedua paling fasih dalam penggunaan BI […]

Tips on Email Communication

When I am busy to reply to an email or when I don’t have the answer to a query, I will promptly acknowledge it and give a time frame when I will get back to the sender. Then, I move the email to a folder labeled “Action”. My “Action” folder requires my action. I usually […]

Business Writing Skills For Customer Service Personnel

This program is suitable for staff at customer service centres who need to enhance their skills in managing customers’ queries, complaints, feedback etc. We have conducted this program for banks, insurance companies, property developers and a car company. Some of the key points that I shared are as in the diagram. Not rocket science, but […]