Business English Public Program (Online)

Whatsapp Linkedin Facebook Twitter Instagram EFFECTIVE BUSINESS ENGLISH Online Public Program “Speak the Language of Business” “I have learnt more about grammar rules and the effective way of drafting on emails, letters and business reports. The trainer is patient and good; she has brought us interest in learning English. Lim Jia Huey (Symphony Corporate House […]

Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

One of the easiest ways to strengthen your writing skills is to add new words to your vocabulary. English language is known to be the largest of all languages, and this means that you can never run out of vocabulary words. Learning vocabulary is only valuable if you can actually use your new words in […]

Tips on Presentation Skills

In the business world, everyone is often expected to present new ideas to staff, clients, partners, or even the public. Some of us are born with the gift of the gab while others aren’t. but all is not lost. Presenting skills can be developed easily if we actively work on them. Here are some points […]

Stratford Times February 2022

Greetings from Stratford Training.   It is my pleasure to share our February newsletter with you. In this newsletter, you will find 2 articles on business writing and some great online resources to improve business writing. I’d love to hear your feedback.   Need some ideas to improve your email or report writing? Feel free […]

Stratford Times January 2022

Hi there,   Greetings from Stratford Training to all our readers. Happy New Year 2022!   Communication skills is the life blood of any organisation. It is an integral part of communication at work and we constantly strive to improve our communication skills. In this e-newsletter, you will get tips to enhance your communication skills. We […]

The Top 10 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Why is customer loyalty important to your brand? Do you think your customers would remain devoted to your brand, no matter what you are up to?   Companies are learning how their relationship are with their customers, especially as consumers, we can feel the economy getting tighter than before. Unemployment rate in the country and […]

Customer Service Excellence Program

Customer Service Excellence PrOGRAM (IN-HOUSE) “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement” It help me to improve myself on how to make eye contact with customer and how to speak louder, clear and confident and also how to handle an angry customer. Rabi’atul Adawiyah Hj Abu Bakar Ahmad (Lambak Vet Clinic, Brunei) “I […]

The Professional Secretary & Office Management Workshop

ABOUT THE PROGRAM The speed of change is increasing. The momentum of work is getting faster. Employees must change to a similar rate to reach the company’s goals. Let them understand why this is so and how they can reach their highest potential ever imagined. This program is to impart important skills and knowledge required […]

Effective Presentation Skills

Effective Presentation skills “WE HELP YOU PRESENT BETTER” The program has improved how I would be presenting in any presentation in the future. Whether a business informative presentation or even a persuasive marketing presentation. Ellie (Executive, Johor Land Berhad) This program improved my presentation skills, managed my nervousness and made me more confident while delivering […]