Our Programs

At Stratford Training & Consultancy, we customize our programs to suit the exact needs of our clients. Our need analysis program development has solved complex communication issues and has set the stage for improving performance across organiations.

Effective Presentation Skills

The ability to communicate and present ideas is very crucial in the corporate world. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across and today, presentation skills are required in almost every field. This program helps participants to plan, organize and deliver persuasive and effective business presentations to their audience

Business English

This highly interactive program emphasizes on the practical use of the language in the everyday situation. Participants practice the language through role-plays, simulations and discussions. The training focuses on spoken, written and grammar. This program is always customized to meet the participants' learning objectives.

Effective communication & Interpersonal Skills

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. Competence alone is not enough to perform at the workplace. One needs to master the art of communication to deal effectively with bosses, colleagues and customers. Modules like building rapport, managing conflicts, listening skills and understanding different personalities will be covered in this 2-day program

Effective business writing skills

Writing is an essential communication skill one needs at the workplace. The ability to write concisely, precisely and effectively is the hallmark of a good executive. This 2-day program helps one to plan, draft and edit everyday business documents like reports, proposals and emails. The focus is on delivering the intended message in a clear and concise manner.

Email Etiquette

E-mails have become a fundamental aspect of business communication in today's world. Understanding the do's and don'ts of e-mail writing will help us write more effectively and avoid any miscommunication. There will be at least 4 work-related email writing exercises during this 2-day program. The participants' work emails will also be reviewed.

Exceptional Customer service skills

Understanding and mastering essential customer service skills will ensure customers are given an enjoyable, satisfactory experience. The objective of this 2-day program is to help participants learn tips and techniques to delight the customers and exceed their expectations. In this program we focus on doing ordinary actions that can bring about extraordinary results. There will be role plays, discussions, case studies and videos presentations. Real life scenarios will be used to make the program more relevant to the participants.

Effective Telephone techniques

We can create the right impression by the way we speak over the phone to our colleagues or customers. This 1-day program emphasizes the need to speak with the right tone and attitude to create the right image of the speaker and the company. There will be role plays, sharing of the best practices and video presentation in this program

Executive development program

This modular program is ideal for executives who need to improve their skills and knowledge in dealing better in their position. Participants will be exposed to modules like Managing Time, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, The Art of Delegation, Dealing With Difficult People, Handling Stress, Business Writing Skills, Coaching & Mentoring Skills and Having A Positive Mindset. Modules will be selected based on the organizational needs and learning objectives.

Making the most out of meetings

How do get the most out of meetings? We appreciate the fact that most often meetings become unproductive due to poor management of the meeting and the unclear roles of the members. This 2-day program enhances one's knowledge in managing meetings more effectively to produce better outcomes. The participants will learn the essential preparation before the meeting, how to conduct the meeting and what needs to be done after the meeting.

TIME Management Skills

Most often executives complain of lack of time in dealing with workload and inability to meet deadlines. These stem from poor time management. In this 2-day program, we emphasize the importance of setting goals, prioritizing their tasks and following up. We also share the benefits of using effective time management tools and how to use them effectively.

Coaching for better performance

Effective managers not only manage their team, but also motivate and encourage their team members to perform better. This 3-day program is ideal for managers who need to sharpen their coaching skills. We share proven techniques to enhance their coaching skills so that they help to bring out the best out of their staff.


This 2-day program will greatly benefit administrative personnel like Personal Assistants and Secretaries who need to write clear, precise and concise minutes of meetings. We emphasize the importance of using the right language and structure to produce effective minutes. The minutes should be written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner and this is what the participants will learn during the program.

Business writing for secretaries

In this hands-on 2-day program, we share tools and techniques to write concise and precise documents like memos, letters and e-mails. Focus is on the use of appropriate language, style, clarity and cohesion. Participants will practice writing various work-related documents during the session and get personalized feedback. There will also be exercises on writing emails and letters related to their job, such as arranging and postponing meetings, updating the boss, making travel arrangements, etc

POsitive Work Attitude

Our actions are a manifestation of our thoughts. Therefore, it is important to always have the right mindset. This power-packed 2-day workshop helps the participants with self-empowerment skills necessary to enhance their attitudes, skills, competencies and motivation to achieve corporate excellence and perform at their best and continue to impact the bottom line.