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Partner with Stratford Training & Consultancy, and you'll be investing in your team's growth and potential. Our focus on achieving training objectives will enable your team members to maximize their potential and enhance their performance, driving your organization to new heights. Discover the Stratford difference today.

Writing Skills for Insurance Industry

Communicate effectively in the insurance industry with tailored writing skills.

Time Management

Balance work-life and boost productivity with time management.

Supervisory Development Management

Empower your team and develop your leadership abilities.

Stress Management

Enhance job satisfaction with effective stress management.

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Reduce costs and optimize operations with strategic supply chain management.

Relationship Selling Skills

Foster customer relationships and drive sales with relationship selling.

Project Management

Complete projects successfully with effective project management.

Professional Telephone Etiquette

Improve professional image with polished telephone etiquette.

Professional Secretary & Office Management Program

Streamline operations with superior office management skills.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Drive business growth with efficient problem-solving and decision-making.

Personal Branding and Storytelling in Business

Stand out professionally with personal branding and storytelling.

Negotiation Skills

Achieve business goals with strong negotiation skills.

Minute Writing Skills

Increase meeting accountability with effective minute writing.

Managing Effective Meetings

Foster collaboration with efficient meeting management.

Managing Difficult People

Enhance productivity by managing difficult personalities effectively.

Managing Changes

Facilitate seamless transitions during organizational changes.

Managerial Skills

Drive business results with strong managerial skills.

Interviewing Skills

Recruit best talent with improved interviewing skills.

Functional Leadership Program

Increase leadership effectiveness with role-specific training.

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Improve team dynamics by enhancing emotional intelligence.

English for Hospitality

Serve international guests better with proficiency in English.

Effective Report Writing

Influence decision-making with effective report writing.

Effective Supervisory Skills

Boost team performance with strong supervisory skills.

Effective Stakeholder Management

Improve business outcomes with effective stakeholder management.

Effective Root Cause Analysis

Prevent recurring issues with root cause analysis.

Effective Presentation Skills

Make impactful presentations with enhanced skills.

Effective Mentoring Program

Foster talent retention with effective mentoring.

Effective Filing and Record Management

Improve efficiency with effective record management.

Customer Service Excellence

Boost customer satisfaction with excellent service skills.

Crisis Management

Ensure smooth operations during crises with effective management.

Crisis Communication

Maintain trust during crises with effective communication.

Communicate with Purpose (Interpersonal Skills Program)

Foster teamwork and build relationships with effective interpersonal skills.

Coaching for Development

Enable team development with strategic coaching.

Coaching and Mentoring Program

Nurture talent and improve team performance with coaching and mentoring.

Business Writing For Secretaries

Streamline office communication through effective business writing.

Business Writing Essential (Email Writing)

Boost professionalism and efficiency with superior email writing.

Business Writing for Corporate Communications

Improve corporate communication with enhanced business writing.

Business English Program

Excel in global business interactions with Business English.

Brand Strategies

Build customer loyalty through effective brand strategies.

Better Grammar for Business Communication

Enhance professional credibility with improved grammar.

Adaptive Leadership Dynamics

Facilitate successful organizational change with adaptive leadership.

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